About Webflow Being a Thing

Some of the best links I get come from people who are not web developers. My all-time favorite website is one I learned about from a co-worker in the IT department where I used to work. He was the head of the desktop support staff. One day he mentions this website called Colorhexa that he thinks I would like. Would I? For a designer I think this is one of the best, most interesting, most useful websites I've very visited. How is it that in all my education as a graphic designer and all my years as a web developer I never came across this site?

Somehow it happens like that.

This week, an old friend and colleague mentioned a service that some folks he knows are looking at to build a website. Their current website is on Squarespace and they are looking for something better. So they found Webflow. Webflow?

I'm a web developer. You could say that it's my business to build websites. I know of an have worked with a lot of ways to build a website. I've used CMS systems; I've looked into JavaScript frameworks. I've research static site generators. I'm familiar with some of the popular website building services. How have I not heard about Webflow? Clearly I've spent too long isolated in my home, away from the world.